It's arrived!!!!

My fantastic new braai has just arrived from the Big Green Egg Co and it's here that I will make the first and last apologies for the fact that this is not a South African product. This is because this these are the "Mac" of the braai world, believe me when I say this because in my opinion braais' don't get better than this. I will be cooking at least once a week on this for a whole year on this, so it will have to stand up to the British weather and "man" don't we all know how bad that can get.

The Egg arrived on what could be call the first day of summer in the UK the 23rd July and apparently it's going to last until at least the end of the week! So after unpacking it and putting it together it's ready to go into action. So keep coming back to see how this thing works, I will be posting up as often as I can about everything that is great and not so great, if I come across a problem on my BigGreenEgg.